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Public Relations.

In the world of lifestyle brands, where perception is everything, our PR strategy is the turbocharger that propels your brand into the spotlight. We don’t just boost visibility; we ignite it. With captivating storytelling that sparks curiosity, rock-solid media relations that turn heads, and content so innovative it’s practically a mic drop, we ensure your brand doesn’t just gain recognition – it commands it.

Media relations
Our approach to media relations is rooted in established, respected partnerships that enable us to collaborate effectively. We focus on forging connections that amplify your story.

Event publicity
We don’t just make announcements—we ensure your event becomes the talk of the town. 

Guestlist curation
Our guestlist curation focuses on quality over quantity, carefully selecting respected and emerging voices to elevate your event.

Influencer Marketing.

In a day and age where perception reigns supreme, influencer marketing is the turbocharged engine that propels your brand into the spotlight. We don’t just collaborate with influencers; we curate partnerships that redefine trends and push your brand to the forefront of the scene.

Campaign management
Our influencer campaigns aren’t just about posts; they’re captivating narratives that demand attention. We set trends, we don’t follow them.

Influencer marketing consulting
We don’t settle for the ordinary. With innovation in our DNA, we craft strategies that redefine how you connect with your audience.

Seedings and activations
When we talk about seeding, it’s about planting the seeds of brand resonance that grow into unforgettable experiences and activations.

Content & Event Production.

Leveraging the expertise of CRAVE-founder Lorenzo, a seasoned advertising producer, we unravel the secrets to bringing your production dreams to life. Whether it’s effortlessly engaging social media content or a grand event with all the trimmings, our capabilities know no bounds.

Video & photography
Our video and photography productions aren’t just about capturing moments; it’s about crafting visual stories that resonate with your audience. We turn visions into reality.
Event planning
We don’t just plan events; we orchestrate experiences that leave lasting impressions. From concept to execution, we bring your event dreams to life.

Words have power, and our copywriting and content writing services wield that power to tell your brand’s story in a compelling and unforgettable way.

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